Getting Started

You can make your search as efficient as possible by first getting together as much information as you can about the person you wish to search for. Ask family members and review any certificates or printouts you might already have.

If you're looking for a marriage record, the death printout may give you useful clues, such as who the person was married to, the date of the marriage, where the marriage took place and the person's age at marriage.

Birth records can give you even more information - you can find out who the parents were, where they were living at the time, and perhaps marriage details. For examples of the types of information available, go to: Data Collected.

Our records are based on information supplied to us and were never cross checked, so sometimes there are inaccuracies in the information provided. A common reason for a search failure is that a person may be known by one name, but their birth, death, or marriage record is in a different name.

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